Ground zero…

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

He was standing there. Watching… hidden… his revolver was now somehow heavy… the cap difficult to wear… he knew that everything he learned was now of no use… now everything, the fate of innocents depended on him… his hands were trembling… It all started morning of 12/05/2008. Nikhil Sharma was enjoying his holiday from the NDA(Nation Defence Accademy). He was in the central market with his girlfriend, a british girl, Natalie. His parents disaproved of her. So it was decided that they would come 23 Km away from home to spend some time together, without the knowledge of the parents. They were rooming about when a sharp scream from the opp side. draged the attention of Nikhil. It was followed by many more… and finally gunshots. Nikhil turned to Natalie.”Go! it not safe for you…” and after a few seconds of protests natalie agreeded. And now a series of event had thrown him into thia dak corner of the market… he was hiding to protect himself. His phone vibrated… It was from Natalie. It said ‘Proud of you.’. He deleted the message but then he saw his phone wallpaper. It was of a army major. It said’Do whatever to protect you land… After all you owe it… Protect it from your fears, cowardness and selfishness… Yes He thought. He was being a selfish coward… he looked around himself there was chaos everywhere.. a small girl was crying… dead bodies everywhere… He remembered what his dad(a major) taught him… first observe He observed… there was 8 terrorist in all… One of who was keeping hostage… He remembered…Second find weapon… He looked around him he had a personal revolver and a knife… there was a gaurd lying dead… he had a remington M-18. Shotgun…  A terrorist stood between him and the gun… He took out his revolver… “Its Time To PAYBACK” he said… he ran towards the shot gun shot the terrorist… took the gun… the other terrorist fired… Now every thing was silent… He knew only one thing that if anyone tries to mess with his mother land, Hmhe willcrush them no matter what it takes… a bullet hit his leg… he felt no pain but joy… like every drop was a payback from his side to india… all his traing for the Indian Army was now at test… his vision was hazzy… hand not stable… he suffered many wounds… but his aim was stable… more stable than ever…
I, stand here beside his grave… today after exactly four years after Nikhil died… I read what was on his grave
Here lies one of the bravest young fellow, who died while fighting 8 terrorists… killing them all… a great son,a great freind ,a great brother but most of all a great citizen… here lies Nikhil Meddleton(04/07/1990 – 12/05/2008) May your soul rest in peace…

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