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She died, she lit a flame,

on which we,

with a smile shall pee,

in this darkness afraid of light,

afraid to fight,

waiting for prince charming to fight,

for us,

who was damini?

just another,

thank god nt my sister or mother,

it new year lets celebrate and,

sleep tight,

and wait till our sister is raped,

then we shall fight,

lets sit back and relax,

its new year,

lets close our eyes and act blind,

lets give in to our fear,

and erase her from our mind,

watch the tv,

and we shall all critisize

, hide in our home like a fucking mice,

it new year isnt it,

lets go in a bar,

where we shall all sit,

and discuss,

just discuss,

who has the balls to go there and fight,

struggle to see a ray of light,

why should we go in cold,

mind ur own business,

arnt we told?

who has the balls to face tear gas?

to be beaten like trash,

its new year,

lets all get drunk and laid,

forget all the mistakes we made,

lets jst start fresh and new,

ya bitch!

a happy new year to you too!!