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Kapil SibalWell If this is Kapil Sibal reading this then I beg you please reform else a frustrated student will hurdle a shoe at you and put you in the ELITE group of people like George Bush and P. Chidambaram.
(Well, well consider this, 10 class students are makin’ charts, well this is cce aka ‘continuous creation of ediots’.)
You are promoted to class 10, no pressure of boards. Cool! But as the classes start you start lovin’ the idea of boards. Now the weekend is not like weekends. Free days are extinct and the very word ‘play’ is endangered. Why? Because of an asshole named err… I can’t say his name for he’s manuse err… He is Kapil Sibal (next time he will be mentioned by the term ‘you know who’). So you start the year with the feeling’ of joy for there will be no boards.
First month-
You get some chart to make.
Your views-‘Can be tolerated.’
Second month-
You get some more charts. The SST notes are far too long. Long syllabus of Fa1.
Your views-‘Disappointing month’
Third month-
You ask others for holiday hhw. You see the pages, not of finished hhw but of what all has to be done. Far beyond expectation. Models, charts and more charts and more charts.
Your views-‘What the hell?’
Fourth month-
You struggle to finish A hhw. And before you can recover from this disastrous holiday you get to know that your fa2 are approaching, and if this is not enough then you get to know that your hhw are a fa tool (fa tool are another awesome feature of cce due to which your 50% of your marks are given on the basis of how well you lick your teacher’s shoes? How well and how often you use sparkle in your models? How well you speak to your teacher? (for e.g.-if a child says, “what the hell? Ma’am you are the worst teacher I have ever meet” to his teacher then he gets an ‘E’ in his behavior column. And if a child says “excuse me ma’am! No offence but you are the worst teacher I have ever encountered. But these are my views; others may like your lovely voice…” and bla, bla, bla. Then this child gets an ‘A’ in politeness, though both children meant the same thing “ma’am you suck”! But still a little butter as seasoning is necessary. Isn’t it?!)). From one side you face the pressure of completing your hhw and from the other you have to pass in the exam. So you are screwed! And then you get bad marks in the paper and bad marks in the tools so your total is extra bad.
Your views-‘Shit.’
Fifth month-
You have just submitted your last hhw. Oh sorry, sorry, sorry, you have just placed the ORDER for your last hhw! Your family has just forgotten about the passing marks you scored in the last fa. And at the school you get to know that your half yearly or as they call it your sa2 are approaching. You get the syllabus. What’s frightening is SST. Chapters, maps, more chapters, more maps, more chapters, and more maps.
Your views-‘God, save me.’
Sixth month-
You have SST paper tomorrow. You have least possible preparation. Next day passes you are sure that you are fail. Like this only you spend the whole month and at the last paper also, like in all paper, you don’t know anything but still you don’t care because now this feeling of helplessness in the paper is ‘normal’
Your views-‘Board were better.’
Seventh month-
The results are out. You are barely pass. You face your family’s agony. And then, then you come to know that this was just one semester and for another 6 months you will have to bear this.
So my dear friend the question remains, ‘HOW HAS CCE HELPED US?’