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Sophisticated IdiotWell there are four type of people in the world –

1. Those who don’t give a shit about what other thin and do anything in public.(Yep, those who do stupid things like pricking their noses in public come under this category.)

2.Those who don’t care what other think but are well-mannered.

3.Those who care what others think and behave in public.

4. Those who show off  their manners and they try to show how ‘sophisticated’, delicate they are(and unfortunately they are mostly girls!!)!!

Yes, the fourth kind is the kind whom i call sophisticated idiots! The symptoms of sophisticated idiocy are-

  1. EATING– The most noticeable (and irritating!) behavior of this disease is wiping the mouth(wiping  after every bite. Eat, chew and wipe, eat, chew and wipe,  eat, chew and wipe I mean what the hell??
  2. OVERREACTING– Another of the symptom is making comments. Not normal comments but comments like how downmarket, eeeewwwww(where the ‘u’ is pulled so long that it look like a classical song)!!!
  3. FOLLOWER– Have you ever seen on t.v that a girl(who comes under my definition of sophisticated idiot!) is been followed by two of her ‘followers? Yes that also happen in reality, not to that extend as shown in t.v(t.v shows the followers as a type of dog who wags its tail whenever the leader gives a command.
  4. Sneezing– Perhaps one of the most irritating habit is there sneezing style they sneeze so softly and then with the tip of there fingers hold touch the part just below there neck and softly say excuse me!
  5. HICCUPS– They hiccup in the same style as they sneeze but what is more irritating is that they giggle after every SINGLE BLOODY HICCUP!!
  6. CLAPPING– They never clap they do it just for style. To learn how to clap like them follow the following steps-
    • First keep your left hand horizontally
    • Then touch the finger tips of other hand touch the extremeeeeeeeeee right end of your left hand.
    • Now lift your right hand and gentally repeat the 2nd instruction(DON’T MAKE ANY NOISE!!)
  7. WIPING – Whenever they sweat they never wipe their face they only take a tissue and gentally TOUCH there face as if if they wipe it there face may disfigure!!


  • Ankita Sharma-She is a great hater of these type of people and we had a nice long conversation on their irritatinghabits
  • My Father-At a party he asked me to keep a napkin below my plate so i while replying to him by saying that this is a habit of .. i failed to produce a appropriate word for them. And later i thought of the name sophisticated idiots and decided to mock them cause they resemble bullshit, and I MOCK AT BULLSHIT!!!!!