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Mr. PerfectEnough Serious story so here’s another satire!
You see this isn’t my idea. I was challenged to write this. So you see this might not be my masterpiece. But right now I am facing a crisis, a crisis of having no ideas what to write. I am lying on my couch with my Apple wireless keyboard in my right hand and my left one is deep inside a Lays packet searching for survivors. My eyes are glued to my Macbook all –in-one PC. Wow! I got an idea or atleast I understood the topic, it can mean 2 things, one that I am not perfect. Two I am perfect ‘cause ‘nobody’ is perfect and I’m that ‘nobody’. So I think it should look like I am humble, so I take the first approach towards the article. But my over grown ego resists. So in the end the battle is won by the ego so I take the second approach. I am perfect, guys! I think this saying or perhaps I should say this phrase was developed or at least this is my theory, when an egoistic child after achieving something hailed that he is perfect only to hear from one of his wise friend that nobody’s perfect but with his ego controlled mouth he replied ‘buddy, I am nobody’ followed by his self satisfied laughter so you see hence this phrase was born. Some take the philosophic approach toward the topic but I think that approach would be a lill’ hard to understand ‘cause that’s boring (maybe that’s why we fail to understand concepts at school) so I’m gonna take the comic approach. To be short this means no one’s perfect (save, me) even though it is contrary to the fact that practice makes a man ‘perfect’, so guys throw your books in your bag grab the couch and sit in front of the TV ‘cause no matter what you do you can’t score 100% marks! Well perhaps this is a phrase that tells us no matter what we do we can’t be perfect, you see there is always space for improvement. Though I don’t know how 100% gaining nerds improve further? Perhaps he should use ‘apsara’ extra dark pencils. (You have seen the advertisement haven’t you?). To be honest I don’t believe in this, I mean what happened to the ‘BE – HAPPY – IN – WHATEVER – YOU – HAVE’ philosophy? So guys even if you get 77 out of 80 work hard for those 3 marks and if you get those 3 marks then aim for err… something above 100% (I have no clue what that is!). This is a phrase that inspires us to achieve more and more. It is, in my opinion, similar to the Rang De Basanti’s character Ajay’s dialogue ‘no country is perfect we have to make it perfect’ the only difference being that this for the humans rather than country. But the approach that made me declare I’m perfect, can be used as a ‘SELF-MOTIVATION’. It can higher the confidence level of someone. But it can also make someone over-confident. So you see both the approach are positive and have the potential to be helpful to someone. The decision lies with you what approach you take. As for me I’m gonna use this phrase to work hard for the next SST exam, as I have achieved my previous goal of bringing more than 50 out of 80 (I got 55) and try next time to get more than 55, you see I follow the phrase ‘slow and steady wins the race’ and thus I wanna be slow and steady in progress too!